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Amazing Nutritionals by Amazing Fair produces high-quality, USA made, nutritional supplements for people and their pets, such as the new Probiotic Joint with Hip + Joint Support for Dogs. The reviews about the first dog supplement to combine probiotics for dogs and joint supplements as a fix for hip and joint pain in dogs have been positive, as the only product on the market to combine both.

Probiotic Joint for DogsBased in the Los Angeles, CA area since 2005, we started out as product wholesalers, then quickly moved online as discount retailers to serve a wider audience, and finally into product manufacturing of our brands. With our volume purchases, we ensure that we can buy low from our suppliers and control the manufacturing, so that we can sell quality products at affordable prices.

And we maintain long-standing relationships with only the most reputable and vetted ingredient suppliers in the U.S.A... so you can rest assured that all products you purchase from us are safe and effective. 

Customer Support + Quality Products. Our central philosophy is simple: give our clients the most highly personalized, fast service available anywhere, and provide the highest quality products on the market. We love getting to know our clients on a first name basis, and we take pride in our fast shipping and quick responses to customer questions.


Please note that the date printed on the bottom of our bottles is the MANUFACTURING DATE, the date the product was packaged. We do this to make sure you know that the product you received is fresh. We recommend the product be consumed within 18 months from the manufacturing date printed on the bottom of the bottle.

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